February 6, 2022

About Me

I’m a self-taught software engineer by day, looked into financial trading for a few years but came back to software for an OCaml project I couldn’t refuse.

In my spare time, after misadventures with commercial recreational vehicles I took the plunge in 2018 to buy a brand new full-length RAM ProMaster and convert it myself into a cutting-edge RV to move into for full-time travel.

Feel free to say hi on Twitter if you find some of this site useful!

More formal intro and history

(This used to be my LinkedIn profile, but I am no longer on that site.)

Almost born with computers starting with the family’s TI-99/4A (1982), I’ve been passionate about I.T. my whole life. I take nothing for granted and always ask: “how could we do this better?” A multi-disciplinarian, I strive for high performance, from making user interfaces more intuitive, down to restructuring data and profiling code. I prefer to let my perfectionism shine and to become personally invested in my projects. I benefit from synesthesia (ideasthesia), which helps me make correlations between seemingly unrelated concepts.

Systems Analyst (2017-)
Graph X Design Inc.
Helping the company take its next leap with a full systems rewrite in OCaml and PostgreSQL. Implementing enterprise standards from scratch including cXML and EDI X12.

IT Consultant (2016-2017, 2020-)
Université de Montréal
For the Criminology School, I improved a data processing system with systematic performance monitoring and database optimizations. Wrote PyriteView in PHP, an open-source article management system for peer-reviewed journals. Now rewriting their data processing system in Python and SQL.

IT Consultant (1998-2015)
Bridgestone Racing Academy
Co-wrote and maintained 25,000 lines of PHP, advised on hosted and on-site systems.

Software Developer (2001-2014)
Graph X Design Inc.
Contributed to and maintained a 80,000-line Perl and JavaScript codebase, including an e-commerce web site featuring highly-customizable products, sub-500ms searching and custom supply chain management.

President & Software Developer (1999-2007)
iMars Inc.
• Managed small development teams across Canada, the USA and India for clients in Canada, the USA, Australia and Japan;
• Innovated by creating affordable yet geographically redundant web hosting;
• Created a high-performance template engine in C which powered our web sites until 2004, when we migrated to PHP;
• Created a C library for banking transactions;
• Set up rigorous quality control with tickets, revision control, documentation and testing.

Owner Operator (1995-1997)
First BBS in the area to offer TCP/IP for e-mail, UseNet groups and cached web sites. Wrote software for and operated a regional automated voice response service.

UNIX Technician & Webmaster (1995)
FMMO Publications Informatiques (a.k.a. Praline.net)
This ISP worked at the cutting edge with a US Robotics Total Control, serial #57. :-)

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